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Posted: 12/28/07 1:15 AM

I just got this item for my main last night and i noticed that on my Magelo profile # 829316, it shows 3 aug slots, a Type 4, Type 1 and Type 2. Actually it only has 1 slot, a Type 4.
Alla also shows it wrong the same way. Lucy listing does show it correct.

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Posted: 1/13/08 6:33 AM

The additional aug slots are simply Magelos was of implementing power source stat boosts to items with purity in them. Slot 1 is for stat power sources, and slot 2 is for weap procs and other melee weap type augs (mainly just procs).


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Posted: 1/13/08 6:46 AM

Well it's not really how we decided to implement power source, it's more how power source are implemented in the game behind the scene, not the other way around. The game just hide those 'system' augment slots, we don't.