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Posted: 3/12/24, 11:33 AM


As I've tried to sync all my chars with the new inventory management update, I've found this to work OK. The "My Inventory" loads pretty slow (at least 3s to start loading when it's already been loaded recently), but tolerable since it seems to be aggressively loading everything for easier sorting afterwards.

That said, request: SEARCH! The "Items" DB search should apply here. As an example use case, I'm frequently searching my alts for if I have any gear this random new newb can use at X level. I try to keep most of my lower level stuff together and go in game, Inventory->Find Item->Filter by level/class/stat/slot to find things.

Bonus points if it understands when something is droppable or not? Ie, is this attunable gear already attuned?

Ideally this would be in the inventory screen, but a checkbox or similar in the "Items" page for "Search items I already have?" or similar would also probably work if it was easier.