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June 19, 2024

  • The server select screen has been updated to include additional information about each server. All servers now display the ruleset, current expansion, population level, True Box status, membership requirements, and a description.
  • Enabled free transfers off Thornblade and updated it to Free-to-Play.
  • The Ring of Scale expansion items are available in the Marketplace for a limited time on Agnarr and other servers that have unlocked Ring of Scale.

  • Fixed a few typos in messages associated with the Lost and Found rings.
  • The spell name attached to Summoned: Modulation Shard VIII has been fixed.
  • Emerald of Abjuration, Tourmaline of Alteration, Citrine of Conjuration, Peridot of Divination, and Topaz of Evocation are no longer in a Lore Equip group, and are instead Lore.
  • Lowered the level requirement to cast the Transfrogify spell on Transfrogifying Hoops.
  • Ankexfen Regalia quest items are now Lore.
  • Portho's Spore Pendant, Mycelium Amulet, and Fungal Chain now have Tribute values.
  • Fixed an issue with the Traveler's Tapestry incorrectly saying that it was for North Qeynos.

Quests & Events
  • Adjusted the spawn rate on some older quests where the items would rarely drop.
  • - Springy Young Branches will be easier to collect in the Hills of Shade.
  • - Odd Looking Beetles should spawn more in Foundation.
  • Tayla Ironforge only needs rescuing once. Her father, Brohan Ironforge, will only reward you once.
  • Spymaster Gephes will be able to spawn as Fabled during the next Fabled event.
  • Fixed an issue with "Trust is Earned, Outsider" in Timorous Falls not updating correctly when speaking with the paladins.
  • Fixed a typo in Arias dialogue when starting the tutorial.
  • Fixed the Korascian Warrens quests "Unusual Properties" and "Primal Terrors" steps to better clarify each step.
  • Tides of Time, Year of Darkpaw - Oasis of Sand - The NPCs should no longer attack players during zone-in. They should wait until players take their first step into the room.

  • Speed Focus will no longer be overwritten by a refresh of Fists of Fury.
  • Fixed an issue where spells cast by clicking an item failed to complete.
  • Increased the maximum number of blocked buffs and blocked pet buffs to 60.

  • Shadowknight - Updated the Class AA, Mortal Coil, all ranks, to show the raw value applied to base AC by the triggered spell in addition to the effective AC value.
  • All Classes - Updated the General AA, Mystical Attuning, with 7 new ranks available from levels 105 to 120, that add an additional mystical effect slot per rank.
  • Cleric/Druid/Enchanter/Magician/Wizard - Updated the Archetype AA, Improved Twincast, all ranks, to count down in safe zones and guild halls.
  • Necromancer - Updated the Class AA, Heretics Twincast, all ranks, to count down in safe zones and guild halls.
  • Paladin - Updated the Class AA, Blessing of the Faithful, all ranks, to show the base value applied to AC by the triggered spell in addition to the effective AC value.
  • All Classes - Updated the General AA, Armor of Wisdom, all ranks, to show the base value applied to AC in addition to the effective AC value.

  • Shroudkeepers have returned to the Plane of Knowledge.

Progression Servers
  • Removed the expansion and progression server restrictions on out of combat regen.
  • Enabled free transfers off Thornblade and updated it to Free-to-Play.

  • Backstab angles of attack have been restored to their previous arcs.
  • Fixed rendering artifacts caused by TextureQuality settings of 2 (Medium) or 3 (Low) in eqclient.ini.
  • The Terror of Luclin expansion is now free-to-play on Test and Live servers.
  • Corrected an issue that caused same-level groupmates to receive different amounts of AA experience when killing NPCs in zones that they are considered too high level for.
  • Corrected an issue with the final name reservation block displaying incorrect information for the next name reservation block.
  • Corrected an issue that caused some teleport spells that landed on players while they weren't in control of themselves (such as from a fear spell) to move them to 0, 0, 0.
  • Fixed some Rain of Fear Collection achievement components where the names did not match required item names.
  • Corrected an issue where a name change could time out if the desired name was taken.
  • Fixed various instances of the word "Crystallized" being spelled incorrectly.

  • The display option to overlap the Windows taskbar once again works while in normal windowed mode.
  • Updated how owned expansions display on the server select screen.
  • Added the current expansion to the server select screen.
  • Server status updates at server select should happen more quickly than before.
  • Added a server's True Box setting to the server select screen.
  • Now showing server status as Low, Med, or High based on player population instead of just "UP".
  • The game's desktop window can once again be moved partially offscreen and keep its position, in unmaximized windowed mode.


Previously Updated
  • Laurion's Inn collectibles will not be available on the Collection Item Dispenser until the next expansion unlocks.
  • Tides of Time, Year of Darkpaw - Oasis of Sky - The spiroc novices will no longer respawn, preventing a level 100 novice from spawning.
  • Fixed a crash while in the server selection window.
  • Fixed a crash while using the character selection window.
  • Made adjustments to allow more players online simultaneously.
  • The Year of Darkpaw key quests now reward coin via the Achievement reward instead of the quest completion.

-The EverQuest Team

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