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Posted: 1/8/08, 5:26 PM

I havent played since 05.. and I know that alot has changed, but to what degree, as far as the old stuff.. what old-world stuff has been changed after LoY, or is all of the new stuff independant from the old stuff? and... after such a long period, if I reinstated my account, would my characters 'and' their inventories be in tact? also.. what is the average population of the servers nowadays? is it kind of desolate, or is it thriving? and, is that true for every lvl, or is it mostly high end veterans ?thanks
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Posted: 1/10/08, 12:50 PM

my 56 is my highest.. so.. low-mid range stuff.. whats changed.. like.. zones that were previously low-mid.. which have changed to high end? the way cazic thule did before i quit.. and.. are all the old good equipment deflated in price because of all the great new high end stuff?

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Posted: 1/10/08, 1:02 PM

You will probably have more luck at the official Everquest II message boards.

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Posted: 1/11/08, 11:19 AM

does the term "hotzone" imply that it gives extra exp, or that it is popular?
if it is the first, it changes periodically... right? everything stays the same except the exp modifier?
and.. whats up the the fabled stuff? do fabled mobs spawn on occasion in place of their non fabled alts, or was that like some gm stuff.. or.....?
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Posted: 2/4/08, 9:28 PM

They change the hotzones periodically, but it seems that they do it to get the new players into the older zones. They give aug drops and items or quest drops for items in the new and old hot zones, or at least the last couple.... ummm... Most servers are strictly high end it seems, there are virtually no actual new toons other than alts made these days from what I see. On my server, they don't even try to hide the fact that accounts bounce around between owners, they keep the same names generally even. Then you have these people logging in that are level 80 claiming to have been away from EQ for a couple years... yeah, SoF came out a few months ago, there's no way they made lvl 80 before that. EQ's focus has been on high end players since PoP's release, and it hasn't changed, or even really shown anything that might let new people come to the game. You have the in game tutorial, Crescent Reach, and that's it for the truly low lvl toons.

Anyways, the facts are, SoE doesn't want you buying currency, they don't want you buying accounts, or anything else like that, yet they want new players, but offer no real EQ-like game play at the low lvls any more.

Now onto you question about fabled.... it happens once a year for a month around the time of the anniversary... This year, it's fabled PoP. The mobs are much tougher when fabled, and the drops are some times equally better. Yet, once again, just another show for the high end raiders and an attempt to keep them around. Problem being, the burn out rate on raiders is higher than regular players in a family oriented type guild, because it's all divide and conquer, w/ generally only a couple people getting rewards for it and you getting the promise of having a chance later on.

They've failed to update any of the old zones other than graphically, meaning you can do the old tedious armor quests and get the same armor you did then, problem being that the armor is now worthless for the level you have to be to attempt the quest. Epics are still around, but most classes have easily aquired weapons that are better that they can get at a much earlier level than they would even be able to attempt the 1.0's. SoE's idea is that the only people still playing are high end raiders, but I know more than a few of those type of people who have quite literally deleted their raiding toon out of frustration. They do have high end group missions w/ group pay outs, normally being alt currency and faction. End game, there's so many factions you have to work, and the faction work is so tedious and long winded, it's frustrating to say the least.

I was one of the burnt out raiders, then i quit and recently came back last year. My new main toon is of lvl and has the aa requirements of some of my servers higher end raiding guilds, but they now also base toons on hours played since eqplayers came out. So, basically, if you don't have a toon from back in the day that you have 200+ days played on, alot of the guilds on my server won't recognize you as a long time player, and thus judge you to not have experience playing, though I have more experience than some of their ebay bought toons do.

The EQ world is in a dire mess, SoE is worsening it, rather than fixing it, which is mainly due to the fact that alot of these people in raiding guilds that have yet to make it to the new expansion in progressions feel that the people who have just walked by them and stepped into the newer zones shouldn't have gear any where near their caliber. Basically, alot of people are believing that because they're still working on tier 3 of OoW that people that jumped ahead and went straight to tier 2-3 of SoF shouldn't have gear anywhere near what they already have. Every time SoE does release something to make the smaller players better and have the ability to catch up to these high end raiders the raiders start crying and it gets nerfed.

Basically, what I'm tring to say is, it's not worth coming back. You get a decent item in the 50's these days, wait 2 weeks and it will be nerfed until it's worse than what you could get at lvl one. The status of the current game is depressing, especially once you reach the 70's were you're too much for a family guild, not enough for a raiding guild because they want you to be flagged, keyed, and geared to just hop in and be ready to go. My server already has a guild working on the final tier of SoF, and expect you to be done up to that point for you to app, even though the next guild in line is just now breaking into solteris. EQ's dead in population pre-70, you money would be better spent on a game that requires you to have the IQ of a monkey like WoW. The newer MMORPG's have been utter failure it seems, which has brought some people back to EQ, but it's a game on its last breath. WoW, well.... it's the modern day baby sitter. They made the game overly simple, and now the people over 21 have to deal w/ the children who have no manners, no common sense, and the great thing is, the game is targeted to people like those kids.

W/o hacks, a friend was able to start a toon on WoW and be end game in a weekend, he's been working on doing the same in EQ for over a month, and is only now lvl 76 w/ 200aa's, meaning 4 more lvls and about 3k aa's. For the last week he's been talking about quiting again because he can't get in a guild and there's just no where else for him to go except into raiding. At least on WoW the games soloable.