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> > > heoic stats being calculated into magelo?

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Posted: 2/3/08, 4:00 PM

hi, heroic stats are being counted on magelo. but they are not giving the extra mana / hp that they should be on magelo. is there something in the works that could make the heroic stats be calculated correctly so my magelo numbers will actually be correct? i'm being shorted quite a bit of hp and mana because of this.

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Posted: 2/3/08, 4:06 PM

They are still looking for help in figuring out the formulas for all of the new heroic stats: http://eq.magelo.com/forum/messages.jspa?topic=3356

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Posted: 2/23/08, 6:38 PM

Can they please add a column for the total heroic stats so I can know what my totals are, even if they do not know what they do yet.