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Posted: 3/13/08 3:45 PM

so i know the fables popped today can only imagine a update to Magelo....look forward to it.. please keep us atuned to progress...thanks
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Posted: 3/13/08 7:53 PM

Fabled doesn't start until the 16th and there wasn't a client patch (new exe).


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Posted: 3/13/08 9:15 PM

Fabled will not actually pop until after midnight on Sunday the 16th (basically 12:01 am PST March 16, 2008 they will start popping). Today's EQ patch put in all of the remaining mechanics to make that happen as well as all of the new gear that will be dropping.

The Magelo Updater likely only needs a once over by the team to verify it's all ok and it should be back up and running.