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Posted: 11/7/06, 7:39 PM

Dear users,

We have found that Magelo Update was the source of several troubles we have experienced post launch. In order to keep the website as functional as possible we had to shut down it and we are now investigating the origin of the problem. We will get it back and running as soon as possible and I’ll keep you posted on our progress.

Along with Magelo Update we had to remove the Alternates Profiles management as it seems they we’re causing unusual load on our database. They will come back soon too.

To all recent subscribers: We had issue with Paypal notifications in the first few hours after the site opening. The problem is now corrected and your subscription status will be automatically updated to Premium once Paypal sends the notifications back, usually in a matter of hours. However, if by tomorrow your account as not been update, please contact our support at support@magelo.com.

We apologize for the inconveniences and rest assured that we are doing everything we can to get the site back as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, we would like to thanks all of you that left us encouraging messages on the beta forum. This is much appreciated and was a great source of motivation. Thank you

PS: So, no one really got a spare Jelan huh?

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Posted: 11/8/06, 12:54 AM

Just keep pluggin' away. We'll be here to completely bog down the system once it goes live! =)

And don't forget to take a break.