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Posted: 5/28/08, 1:45 PM

Jelan has told me that he is working on it.

FYI - SOE just announced another patch for this week - Thursday the 29th.

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Posted: 5/28/08, 1:48 PM


Just like that

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Posted: 5/28/08, 4:05 PM

Any word on whether we'll ever get to see Mod3 stats, like Clairvoyance / Heal Amount, etc?
Taleren Bloodsong
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Posted: 5/28/08, 5:21 PM

Which means we won't see an update for at least another week...

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Posted: 5/28/08, 5:37 PM

As far as seeing a list of how much of each of the mod 3 stats you have, I'm not sure where that is at as I haven't been updated on it.

I know that they are still trying to solve the formulas for stats to level 80 PLUS the formulas for the Heroic stats.

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Posted: 5/28/08, 9:16 PM

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Posted: 5/29/08, 9:38 AM

i personally only want to synq my chars, can you make it so it works enough to synq chars, and fine tune after. im sure alot of people would be happy with just synqing for now.
i personally will be considering a a paypal chargeback if it does take another week.
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Posted: 5/29/08, 2:01 PM

You can't blame Magelo when SOE runs patches back to back a week apart. If you think Magelo is bad, try EQPlayers profile system. It's been essentially broken for nearly a year, and it's run by SOE themselves, and they charge more for the same features than Magelo does.
Magelo does have down times after patches, that is to be expected, but for the most part it functions 100% better than it's competition, which is SOE itself!
If you don't believe me, take a look at the number of complaints and problems posted in the forums:


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Posted: 5/29/08, 7:13 PM

Would agree it is better than Eqplayers .... when its working..... It is just that a week without an update , another patch and probably another week to wait etc etc, taking into account the number of patches SOE put in a year thats a lot of weeks with no magelo considering the price of the service.

I usually just skim past those people complaining about down time, I have been premium for years and have seen a lot downtime but recently its getting worse and I'm guessing with devs torn between EQ and WoW now we will see more.

Taking into account the amount of information available from magelo community the fact they have not even come up with a rough formula for heroic stats which have been in the game for 6 months let alone mod 3's I really feel the service is going down hill. Guess I will just have to stick with doing manually and loosing the pretty gold disc in the corner ><

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Posted: 6/1/08, 11:36 PM

Well now we know what took so long

Are ya happy now ? (see other multiple angry threads)

As neet as this new Sync is with all the bells and whistles.... It eats up processor usage to the point that my brand new video card (whole pc is only a month old) doesnt function properly and eq looks like the old "west" bug.

If it isnt broke dont fix it, sounds like a good reference in this instance.

Makes me regret that I pay for things years in advance.