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Posted: 6/4/08, 7:42 PM

So here I am a few weeks without an update. I renewed my premium account early, but I have been doing manual updates because first the MU wasn't patched for two patches, then surprise a new, bigger, multi-game program file that I can't even get to run is launched as the "solution". It's launched on a Friday evening and judging by the posts on the forums, the Magelo crew took the weekend off and hoped for the best. Even when they came back on Monday, there were only a few defensive posts about the issues that have taken us by storm.

As for the new MageloSynch, some people can run it, and some can't. I can't. I have seen lots of frustrated posts and no responses from Magelo. Many times in the past I have encouraged and supported the Magelo crew on these forums. I understand what software development is like. I do it for a living. However, the one thing over and again I have fussed about is customer service. You cannot just leave your customers in the dark and think it's ok.

I have posted my issues elsewhere, but I will state a few other things here.
1) I am forced (by location) to run on a modem. So having the MU running was acceptable most of the time because it had a low footprint and low bandwidth. The new MS from what people are saying is chewing up CPU and bandwidth. So unless that's fixed it is useless to me.
2) Multiple Games with One program. No matter how this ends up, it will likely always cause issues. For one, I don't play the other games, so unless my selection is automatic and NEVER asks me about games I could care less about, I will be annoyed every time it asks. Since I can't even run the thing I have no idea how it works.
3)People have said you can no longer view the profile of characters you have logged off. If that's true then one of the main features I used in the MU is now gone. It made life easier searching offline for an item rather than having to log each character on and see if that's where I left the item.
4)Since I can't run the new program, manual updates have become the norm and even though I am a premium user I lose my "gold seal" once I upgrade any gear.

The lack of usage for what I paid for (the MU), the surprise "upgrade" to the new MageloSynch, and the absence of customer service or support response has me more than frustrated at the moment. If I were up for renewal, I would simply let it expire and move on. As it is, I feel I have paid for a service that has done a switch on me to something I will quite possibly never be able to use. To release a more memory and bandwidth intensive application without prior notification just really blows me away. At this point, I am in a "wait and see" pattern. Things will have to get a whole lot better before I ever renew my account.

P.S. Don't bother to cite the EULA to me. I have read it, I know what it says. It does not excuse the poor service we are receiving.

Zaidoc ImagoDei
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Posted: 6/5/08, 2:21 AM

Hi Zaidoc, I thank you for your honest feedback and be assured that we take seriously your comments, we will address all of them in a few days !
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Posted: 6/5/08, 11:35 AM

Will look forward to the reply Jelan and wonder why of course you or your team have not replied to all the other problem and bugs which have been posted over the last few weeks.

Even if all you did was keep us up to date with a post every other day it would make us paying customers feel a little better.

the lack of response and information from Magelo staff is terrible and I am hoping I am wrong when I say that now WoWMagelo is taking of we on EQ will see even less progress.

Remember there may be a few million more WoW players than EQ ones but we have been the loyal customers since you started.

Edit: Even had to boot up IE explorer to reply as seems your site does not work with FireFox ><

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Posted: 6/5/08, 3:28 PM

Not to derail, but I use Firefox 2 to browse this site at this moment.

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Posted: 6/6/08, 12:41 AM

Hi Sourmash,

Thank you for your comment. We know that we need to improve our communication with our community and we will soon have a community manager to help us in this way.

Yes we opened a new game channel but at the same time the team has been upgraded with few more peoples. We will never let you down! How we can do that? You are our community, it's been 7 years now that we work to improve our service for you and it's always with passion. It's really important for us to continue in this way!

About the issues we have with Magelo Sync, we are working on it. We talk about in the news and in different posts. We also talk about the known issues we have with Magelo Sync about the level, guild and ranking status update. All those issues will be solved within a few days.

About Firefox it's really surprising because the website works fine on FF2 and FF3. which Firefox version are you using?