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Posted: 6/11/08, 1:28 AM

Here's a sneak peek at Wednesday's Game Update message.

      • Returning Players ***
  • If you're returning to the game following a break, be sure to visit the Scholars in the northeast portion of the Plane of Knowledge. They can help guide you through the many changes to the land of Norrath over the years.

      • Items ***
  • The Mangled Head combine for the Druid Epic 1.5 will no longer consume its components if it is performed outside of the correct zone.
  • The Bundle of Defiant Armor will no longer summon pieces of armor that you already have.

      • NPCs ***
  • The Magus at the Wayfarer camps will now send characters to Nedaria's Landing and from there to Natimbi or Abysmal Sea, without need for the Wayfarer's Stone.
  • Crystal Golems in Plane of Valor have been changed to constructs and are no longer humanoids.

      • Tasks ***
  • Tavik will now give out the Stopping Production task.
  • The Tasks "Disposing of Unwanted Things" and "Engine Room Schematic" should always have enough steamworks available to kill.

      • User Interface ***
  • Added a few new item icons for future items. Custom UIs will need to update to see them.
  • Changed -


- The EverQuest Team