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Posted: 6/12/08, 1:08 PM

Just a quick news to let you know that Magelo Sync has been patched to work with the latest EverQuest version.

By the way, we need your help to figure out the HP formula for levels 75-80, this is the first step to correctly address heroic items stats. It's very simple to help us, we just need little information about your ingame stats, find more in this Topic

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Posted: 6/19/08, 1:56 AM

i HAVE HAD NOTHING BUT TROUBLES TRYING TO USE THE NEW SYSTEM. You must have had Soe design it for you. I am seriously thinking of not renewing my premium when it is due...Rodlav


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Posted: 6/21/08, 12:48 AM

Hi valdor14, there is no need to yell... I am sure that if you explain us your issue we will be able to solve it quickly. So what is going on ?
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Posted: 7/3/08, 2:38 PM

I also have had nothing but problems since the change. I cannot update my character my aa's and stats are all wrong. I have heroic stats on several of the items I am wearing. I have updated four times since the change and even my weapons do not show up right. This is very discouraging when I have been a premium member for so long.

[IMG] /IMG' target='new'>http://i75.photobucket.com/albums/i307/klawes/klawesSig.gif/IMG

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Posted: 7/3/08, 7:18 PM

Klawes, you're showing as a registered user not premium, so the Magelo Sync program isn't going to update your gear for you, you have to do that manually.

If the manual update is giving you issues please post a bug report in the Bug Report forum and include the following information:
Page URL:
What OS are you using (brand and version):
What browser are you using (brand and version):
Is the error reproducible:
Describe what way your workflow:

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Posted: 8/10/08, 2:01 AM

come my renewal for magelo subscription only thing i can say is you can *** - you failed in a 1 year period to accurately link the game hero stats - i show up on your comic strip as a 22k tank needing - whereas real read on me is near 23.5k unbuffed with 4.4k ac - you suck and you are robbing the people that supported you many years - at least dick turpin wore a *** mask before he robbed you!!!

i will never renew my yearly subscription to you ever -

EQplayer is the for the accurate reading on all everquest players ok its done twice dailly but it saves on the cost of the crap service that magelo now offers