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Etoile deCartier
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Posted: 6/18/08, 3:05 PM

I just swapped out my Platinum Trio jewelry and equipped my next level Velium Trio Jewelry. I am not quite level 50 (recommended for Velium) but I am close enough that the stats are better than Platinum.

At any rate, I just synced my toon to Magelo and now the Velium Trio jewelry is showing full stats on my Magelo profile instead of the slightly reduced stats I should have (and which are showing in-game) - which thereby makes my total stats off in the Magelo profile - which In turn makes it hard for me to shop because I don't know what stats I have really unless I am online with that toon at that time....

Is anyone else having this problem? and how and where do I report this Trio Jewelry formula possibly not working correctly which may be part of the HP/Mana not showing correctly "bug"...?

I don't post much but I love the new Synch system! Thanks Magelo team!