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Posted: 6/23/08, 12:38 PM

I have Fanatic's Badge of Passing in charm slot and the values for hp mana differ in character view to that of the Item as shown in data base

Any reason for this ?

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Posted: 6/26/08, 5:17 AM

Hi Kilerian,

When you look at a charm in the database, it shows it at 100% "power". When you synchronize your character, Magelo Sync will lookup the actual power of your charm and will then scale the stats accordingly.
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Posted: 6/27/08, 6:11 PM

I am having the same kind of issues with my AC and HP I will define below hoping to figure out why they are not the same. I currently have no evoving items and only the TSS Charm Aug thats not maxed everything else is a fixed item.

In Game

HP 16317
Ma 13819
En 13509
AC 3415
Atk 1977

On Magelo

HP 16067
Ma 13659
En 13075
AC 3378
Atk 1982

all other stats are the same on both
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Posted: 6/29/08, 7:02 AM

I think this must be to do with heroic stats and how they affect things like hp/mana, mine is way off compared to in game to magelo. Hopefully they will be able to sort it soon