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> > > EverQuest client has been patched 9 July 2008

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Posted: 7/9/08, 2:09 PM

The EverQuest client was patched today.

As always the Magelo team will get the Sync updater patched and working asap.

Thank you in advance for your patience.

Update (Jelan): We have patched Magelo Sync however there is still an issue which prevents Magelo Sync to detect your character, we are working on it, should be fixed soon.

Update 2 (Jelan): The bug has been fixed, enjoy!

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Posted: 7/12/08, 4:00 AM


Just kidding...LOL!!!

You all do AWESOME WORK.....keep it up please! I think we all can wait a bit longer to synch up our toons.

Again...AWESOME WORK to the entire force there at Magelo!!!!

Dulvarwen Swearstoit
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Posted: 7/12/08, 10:09 AM

Just synched my toon 30 seconds ago. Thanks for getting it back online
Tilluan AB
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Posted: 7/13/08, 7:06 AM

great work mates! Thx a lot!

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Posted: 7/14/08, 6:33 AM

I can't get my character to sync and I reloaded Magelo. Just says trying to detect my currently logged in character, please wait.

I had two accounts online. I logged off one and tried this again and it worked with only one account.
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Posted: 7/15/08, 1:49 AM

Magelo Sync 4.1.0 will not sync with my characters

NM I had to log out and restart Magelo and then EQ to get it to find my character.


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Posted: 7/15/08, 4:49 PM

Ran the sync yesterday from a reboot and got only a blank window with my account name on top. Ran the Magelo Sync patch from the website and got a message that it was unable to write to the C:\Programs\magelo\magelosync\magelosync.exe file; abort, retry, cancel. Removed Magelo Sync and tried to remove Magelo Update from add/remove in the control panel but got a message that it was unable to remove all files - access denied. Repatched, same thing. Was working perfectly before the patch...


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Posted: 7/25/08, 1:50 AM

As of today with updated Magelo Sync still cant sync to my chacater online... Still having magelo problems?
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Posted: 8/10/08, 1:45 AM

come my renewal for magelo subscription only thing i can say is you can *** - you failed in a 1 year period to accurately link the game hero stats - i show up on your comic strip as a 22k tank needing - whereas real read on me is near 23.5k unbuffed with 4.4k ac - you suck and you are robbing the people that supported you many years - at least dick turpin wore a *** mask before he robbed you!!!

i will never renew my yearly subscription to you ever -

EQplayer is the for the accurate reading on all everquest players ok its done twice dailly but it saves on the cost of the crap service that magelo now offers