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Posted: 8/14/08, 7:17 AM

It's been a long time that we announced the Signature feature and we are proud today to offer it! We also pushed live new markups to help you link games specific data on the website as well as some speed improvement.

Dynamic Signature

Link your character profile wherever you want using your own dynamic signature!

  • The signature will be created and updated automatically when you sync your character.
  • The signature will show your character's level, server, class, race, guild rank, guild name. 6 statistics will also be displayed in a row.
  • The signature is customizable as your profile! (premium only)
    • You can choose a background image and a color theme. Browse our gallery, you can even match the background image and the color theme of your profile!
    • You can also choose the 6 statistics. Show off any stats you want!
    • Finally you can choose the font and the color of the font.
  • Clicking on the signature will open the character’s profile.
  • The signature is smart – anytime you update your profile, the statistics change (if any) will be immediately reflected in your signatures, wherever they have been posted.
  • Post your signature in your favorite forums or in your website using the appropriate codes.

Manage your signatures as you manage your profile in “My characters” section (Manage character > Customize > Signature).

Website performance improvement

A lot of change have been made of the website to improve its performance, you should feel it. Everything will load faster now!

Forum markups

You are now able to link profiles, items, npcs and spells using our new markup !
We will document this new feature quicly, in the mean time, here is an overview

Profile Links

Output : Jelan

Item Links

Output : Grenth, the Drake Slayer

NPC Links

Output : [ Not found ]

Spell Links

Output : Arcane Anthem

This is just an overview, we will improve this markup, your suggestions are welcome

We are aware than some users still have issue with their profiles. We are working on it and a fixe will come very soon.

Enjoy your new signatures and have fun!

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Posted: 8/14/08, 7:33 AM

Absolutely awesome and greatly appreciated. Well worth the wait!

Great job!

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Posted: 8/14/08, 8:48 AM

Woohooo!! I concur with Drazzminius!!

Keep up the good work guys and gals..

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Posted: 8/14/08, 10:13 AM

Nice job,


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Posted: 8/14/08, 11:03 AM

In the Signature page where it has the codes, the bulletin on the side has a misspelled word "coping", should be "copying".

Hmmm...testing something

Ok....my sig is not updating. I did my sig before I ran the new patcher, and it showed my last updated profile. Now, after the new update, the statistics(namely my AA count) are not changing. If you click on my sig, and look at my AA count it is 1977, not 1951 like my sig shows.

Did I do this wrong? I thought the sig was supposed to auto-update those stats shown anytime you ran MSynch.
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Posted: 8/14/08, 3:29 PM

1. Add ability to display full name including Title and Suffixes.
2. Display full aa count (including glyphed and banked) not just the cap.

But for now, I'll stick with the signature I made

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Posted: 8/14/08, 4:35 PM

Absolutely love this!

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Posted: 8/14/08, 7:11 PM

Love the Sig's

Few suggestions:
Allow us to choose how many stats to show.
Allow us to show 1 or 2 lines of custom text

But again great job for now

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Posted: 8/14/08, 9:21 PM

Not sure if anyone else has this problem, but when I hover over an item link, the page starts twitching, as though it's trying to scroll up and down simultaneously. I'm using Firefox 3, but I just tested it in IE7 and Safari, and a similar thing happens. Although in those browsers, it just scrolls up, but stays there if I don't move the mouse. If I do, it'll scroll down then back up.

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Posted: 8/15/08, 6:16 AM

Hello, Shelearns.

It looks like the signature will be updated manually. Go to the Signature page for your character and just click 'Edit' and then 'Save' after that. That will refresh the signature and update it.

Occam, can you tell us more about the problem you're experiencing? I believe it may have something to do with the mouse software.
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Posted: 8/15/08, 7:09 AM

Personally i was hopeing to use custom backgrounds as well as some of the other suggestions made.

I think this would have been awsome with the stats on the right hand side like the preview was for the last 2+ years.

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Posted: 8/15/08, 9:53 AM

Love this new option!!! It looks great and I love the options you have given. I too would like to be able to use my chars full name including titles and subfixes!


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Posted: 8/15/08, 10:09 AM

The signature is smart – anytime you update your profile, the statistics change (if any) will be immediately reflected in your signatures, wherever they have been posted.

So this part isnt true?
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Posted: 8/15/08, 2:50 PM

It won't be possible to link to the signatures in the forums of phpbb2 websites, because the 'filename' has no extension (.jpg / .png / whatever). phpbb2 doesn't allow links betweem [img] tags which don't have valid image filenames, to close loopholes found in earlier versions.
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Posted: 8/15/08, 8:50 PM

How bout having the "correctly displayed heroics" feature, instead of more flippant features. How long has it been? And please don't say you still need to collect more information. Been like 8 months.