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Posted: 8/27/08, 4:39 PM

Thanks to everyone's feedback and suggestions following our last update, we've fixed a lot of bugs and added new stuff!

  • New stats added to the Signature display
  • Signature code generator has been modified to make links usable with most forums
  • You can now provide your own Signature background image. Download our background template to help you create yours!
  • The Signatures will now auto-update when characters are updated
  • Statistic abbreviations have been shortened to fit into the signatures
  • Title, Name, Surname and Suffix are now displayed just like in your profile

Profile bug fixes
  • Glyphed AAs are no longer counted in the regular total
  • Foraging AA is now displayed in the profile
  • Skill modifiers have been fixed on items (Eg: Dodge/Parry %)
  • Haste should now be correctly capped using your level instead of item required level
  • Picking items from the inventory and bank in your alternate profiles is now working again
  • Alternate profiles weight difference is now correctly colored
  • Profile will now work properly with only the Shared Bank option checked in Privacy Settings
  • Tinkering skill is now displayed for gnome only
  • Added Heroic resists as well as the 4 item attributes we were missing from the last expansion: Backstab Dmg, Spell Dmg, Heal Amount and Clairevoyance
  • Modifiers have been added to handle Heroic stats as well as the above new stats

  • Database has been cleaned to remove players and pets listed as NPCs
  • The Sellable/Dropped Item List in each zone is working again
  • Missing Spells List is now accurate, ignoring previous spell ranks
  • Guild reports are working again
  • Heroic stats of value n are now displayed correctly when stats in form (0 + n)
  • Drop rate % sorting bug in the npc view has been fixed

We understand you still wait we handle the new Heroic stats. We're still working on them and provide more features along the way. If you have any suggestions that can help us please let us know in our forums!
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Posted: 8/27/08, 9:20 PM

  • Tinkering skill is now displayed for gnome only

Any chance you can look at other skills too? As an Iksar Warrior, I don't get Hide, Sneak, or Safe Fall, but they show in profile with 0 skill.

And need to hide Tinkering Mastery AA for non-gnomes as well


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Posted: 8/28/08, 4:06 AM

Agree to all of the above!

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