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Posted: 11/9/06, 3:40 PM

We have reassessed the Ranking system based on your feedbacks and we’re happy to present you the upcoming changes planned for the tomorrow’s patch.

- All profiles will be ranked again, Premium and non Premium as it was during the beta.

- We are reintroducing the filter allowing you to list only Authenticated profiles.

- To avoid fakes or ads as much as possible we have implemented a profile’s identity validation flow, removing all possibilities to rank a profile anonymously by providing a false name. Every profile will correspond to an actual character in-game. It now works as an honor based system by engaging the player’s in-game reputation. The flow is as follows:
  • The Privacy Setting 'Rank this character' must be checked. (done by default)
  • Non Premium profile needs to be validated by launching Magelo Update and logging the character in game. MU will automatically compare the character's name, server and level with those provided in the profile. Only if they match the profile will be ranked.
  • If the character's name or server is changed, the profile will be automatically removed from the Ranking. Valid for both Premium and non Premium.
  • The character's level can be only changed by 1 unit since its last validation. For instance, if you are level 70 and you gain a level, you can switch to level 71 and stay ranked. However, changing the level by more than 1 unit will requires you to validate the profile again. Valid for both Premium and non Premium.

- In order to avoid ‘dormant’ profile and to bring a more dynamic aspect to the Ranking, a profile must be updated, manually or automatically, within 3 months before being unranked. Note that the period is still subject to changes based on your feedbacks.

- New Order filter will be added. You will now be able to sort profiles by trade skills for instance.

- The search form is now available to Premium users only. Free users can still display the ranking by selecting the Class and Server pre-made filters.

We hope that those changes will answers your needs and will make of the Ranking a better tool, thanks to all who participated in the discussion. More ideas where expressed and you can expect new improvements in the future.

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Posted: 11/9/06, 4:20 PM

Sounds like a pretty good way to keep fake profiles out of the ranking. Thank you to all of the Magelo design team. You guys have put a lot of hard work into this and I for one do appreciate it.

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Posted: 11/9/06, 4:30 PM

Now only if Washington could learn the art of Compromise as fast things would be much better :D
Dyfrin Deathseeker
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Posted: 11/9/06, 4:48 PM

I hope the people who demanded such changes now can reflect their gratitude by supporting magelo.

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Posted: 11/9/06, 5:17 PM

Bought a premium membership 2 days ago and am happy with the path being taken
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Posted: 11/9/06, 6:41 PM

i can not update my magelo, again says i can not connect to server, comon is it fixed or not!
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Posted: 11/9/06, 6:45 PM

if havn't...need to redownlaod from link...and if server busy...they also mentioned that prolly happen as everyone tries at once to update
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Posted: 11/9/06, 11:34 PM

Very nice. Reasonable and fair. Good job guys.

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Posted: 11/10/06, 4:19 AM

Very well done...w/o it it would of been the death of rankings as we know it with EQ Players being so crappy and updating when u dont want it to!
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Posted: 11/10/06, 7:03 AM

The one problem I have seen continually in the abuse of the non-synch'd profiles is persons on the top end of the list having gear that is not coinciding with name - guild capabilities. I noted I believe 4 profiles on Fenninro for just Monks alone (my mains class) which were false. In the synch check some sort of validation of the basic hp / endurance/ mana should be checked to coincide with the character. We all know that the Synch'd is dead on and manual is off by some small amount. If we do a check of -100 <=X<=100 on the core stats of the unbuffed points it would vastly amplify the validity for guilds recruiting members, and rankings for those of us who have spent months acquiring gear to get to where we are.
Tiyak Maelstrom
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Posted: 12/5/06, 4:59 PM

I like all that is said here but would still like a filter so a player's guild could be ranked (ie: all wizzards in guild 'X")

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Posted: 12/6/06, 8:08 PM

Old players cant look at magelo eqrankings, thats lill boring,i dont think they will pay to look now an then,