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Register: 7/23/08
Posted: 9/1/08, 2:07 AM

Known issues (Updated 11/6/2013)

  • No result displayed for 2H Slashing weapons: http://eq.magelo.com/items/1
  • Few characters are not listed in the Ranking while they should be (make sure you run Magelo Sync to let it detect your character level, even if your are not a Premium member)
  • The character statistics shown in the Rankings can sometimes differ from the one in the Profile.
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Posted: 9/18/08, 3:07 AM

Patch Notes (08/27/2008)


  • New stats added to the Signature display
  • Signature code generator modified to make links usable with most forums
  • Enabled a feature to upload your own Signature background
  • Auto-update Signature with every Sync
  • Statistic abbreviations shortened to fit into the signatures
  • Title, Name, Surname and Suffix are now displayed

Profile bug fixes

  • Glyphed AAs no longer counted in the regular total
  • Foraging AA is now displayed in the profile
  • Skill modifiers have been fixed on items (Eg: Dodge/Parry %)
  • Haste should now be correctly capped using your level instead of item required level
  • Picking items from the inventory and bank in your alternate profiles is now working again
  • Alternate profiles weight difference is now correctly colored
  • Profile will now work properly with only the Shared Bank option checked in Privacy Settings
  • Tinkering skill is now displayed for gnome only
  • Added Heroic resists as well as the 4 item attributes we were missing from the last expansion: * * Backstab Dmg, Spell Dmg, Heal Amount and Clairvoyance
  • Modifiers added to handle Heroic stats as well as the above new stats


  • Database has been cleaned to remove players and pets listed as NPCs
  • The Sellable/Dropped Item List in each zone is working again
  • Missing Spells List is now accurate, ignoring previous spell ranks
  • Guild reports are working again
  • Heroic stats of value n are now displayed correctly when stats in form (0 + n)
  • Drop rate % sorting bug in the NPC view has been fixed

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Register: 5/4/01
Posted: 9/24/08, 8:17 AM

Patch Notes (09/24/2008)


  • Customize feature for profiles should now work properly for all profiles
  • The Skills tab in the Modifiers section should now load the proper information
  • SK Harm Touch and Paladin LoH now moved to class AAs
  • Unholy Warhorse now removed from SK AA list


  • Damage Shield Mitigation is now correctly displayed on all items
  • Skill modifiers from augments dont stack anymore on the same item
  • End value for skills is now "rounded" correctly
  • Heroic stats is now handled correctly with Charms (Fanatic's Badge of Passing for example)


  • BS DMG should now reflect the correct value instead of displaying a garbled message
  • Tradeskills Tailoring, Poison, Research are added to Signature stats
  • Stun Resist and Resist Total are added to Signature stats

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Register: 5/4/01
Posted: 10/25/08, 4:58 AM

Patch Notes 10/24/2008

  • Whoops error appearing on using Guild matching feature
  • Whoops error appearing on checking Guild reports

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Posted: 11/28/08, 10:44 AM

Patch Notes 11/28/2008

  • Search Engine missing Powersource
  • Gate AA cannot be found in Archetype AA section for Shamans
  • Unable to Sync character after SoD patch
  • Search: Damage Augments per weapon skill (1HB ones for example)
  • Search: “Category” has 4 entries for unknown. We will either have just one entry for unknown and have it be a catch-all, or differentiate them. Example: Unknown #58, Unknown #79, etc.

  • Selo's Sonata not showing on profile
  • SoD AAs effects are not handled properly yet
  • “Burst of Power" AA not increasing Triple Attack level cap
  • Foraging and Tracking Mastery not showing correct skill cap with manual character management
  • HP calculation involving AA bugged
  • Defense stat cap is also not updated properly
  • Profile shows too high Attack value for character
  • Tinkering Mastery AA needs to be removed for non-gnomes
  • AAs in profile shown for incorrect class
  • Racial skills and AAs applied to other races

My guild
  • System error on ranks management
  • Manage members: Navigation broken
  • Manage Guild permission

Manage character
  • Whoops error appearing on using Customize feature
  • Wrong skill cap
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Posted: 4/9/10, 9:57 AM

Patch Notes (09/04/2010)


  • Character profiles showing correctly now. Goodbye Monk from Saryrn!

Equipment Editor/Alternate Profile

  • Modifier window displays error window
  • Modifier window cannot show anything other than HP for some players
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Posted: 4/28/10, 7:12 AM

Patch Notes (04/25/2010)


  • Flags and keys management still in progress
  • Unable to delete characters from guild roster

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Posted: 10/29/10, 3:01 AM

Updating this outdated known issues list with a little consoldated patch note.

Profile :
  • Heroic stats not factored into HP regen, Mana regen, etc.
  • Profile: Duplicate lore augments should be prohibited
  • Research skill capped at 200 instead of 300
  • HP, MANA, ENDR inaccurate after Underfoot
  • Ornamentation not showing up on items
  • Missing equipment in both Profile and Equipment Editor
  • Exp bar exceeding limits in some cases
  • Equipment Editor/Alternate Profile :*
  • Unable to save/edit changes properly for some players

Zones :
  • NPCs in wrong zones (Aid Grimel in wrong zone)
  • Characters identified as NPCs
  • Multiple instances of the same zone

  • Rankings page displaying incorrect stats for some characters
  • “Whoops” error appearing on Rankings Search
  • Merchants dealing with alternate currency not handled properly

Manage character
  • Unable to set levels for charms and charm augments.
  • Learned SOD spells sometimes kept in Missing Spells list

Items :
  • Negative Heroic stats not taken into account for Scryer Sash
  • Metal powersource increasing weight of augmented items by 1
  • Item effects given inaccurate values
  • Growth Orb bonus incorrectly calculated
  • Item search issues:
    • Pulldown lists not sorted. “Category” shows how this can be very confusing
    • Unknown deity in the deity list
    • Singing is missing from “Instruments”
    • Attributes (Accuracy, Avoidance, etc) not preserved on form after query is submitted
    • Form does not support searching for “SoF attributes” such as Clairvoyance

Rankings :
  • AAs listed incorrectly for some profiles in Rankings

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Register: 2/8/06
Posted: 3/15/11, 11:16 PM

Patch Notes (02/16/2011)

  • The 2 new inventory slots added with HoT are not yet visible in the Profile and only the 10 first slots of your bags are still shown, but the inventory tool show everything you have.

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Posted: 12/9/11, 1:55 AM

Patch Notes (11/13/2011)
  • We fixed the synchronization issues that appeared after VoA update

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Register: 2/8/06
Posted: 1/9/12, 12:30 AM

Patch note (01/09/2012)
  • The synchronization has been fixed
  • All the statistics have been reviewed and should be accurate now. If you still have an issue, please report it in this topic: Stat issues

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Posted: 1/20/12, 10:49 AM

Patch note (01/20/2012)
  • Magelo Sync startup issue has been fixed

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Register: 2/8/06
Posted: 7/16/12, 7:03 AM

Patch note (7/12/2012)
  • We fixed the issue with guild rank status that was not always correct.
  • We filtered the abilities listed under Class AAs that aren't in the game (used in the anniversary monster mission).
  • The option to "Add media" in your media manager under Chrome is working again.

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Posted: 7/24/12, 2:37 AM

Patch note (7/24/2012)
We just released a new version of Magelo Sync compatible with Java 7. Few users reported the error "No JVM could be found on your system". This is just an installation issue.

If you have Windows 7 64-bit, you need to install Java 7 64-bit. You can also have Java 7 32-bit. Having both versions installed is actually recommended. And be sure to uninstall previous Java version too (Java 6).