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Posted: 9/9/08, 3:58 PM

Ticka, Greatblade of the Ravager

You may or may not know that the above item is actually named after a player. Developers created it after Ticka from The Seventh Hammer was killed in a car accident on Halloween in 2007.

Ticka's dad also plays EverQuest and has longed to be able to put a Ticka blade in Ticka's hands. Last night - September 8, 2008 - Lunacy Unbound of The Seventh Hammer server had the great honor of helping Ticka's dad get a little bit of closure. We were truly honored to be able to place a Ticka, Greatblade of the Ravager in Ticka's hands.

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Posted: 9/18/08, 1:52 AM

Quite a story.
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Posted: 9/18/08, 6:03 PM

And they say its just a game..