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Posted: 9/24/08, 8:07 AM

Hello folks!

As usual, the Magelo team constantly strives to offer the best to our community and we've patched Magelo today to fix a few things. Below is a list of them:


  • Customize feature for profiles should now work properly for all profiles
  • The Skills tab in the Modifiers section should now load the proper information
  • SK Harm Touch and Paladin LoH now moved to class AAs
  • Unholy Warhorse now removed from SK AA list


  • Damage Shield Mitigation is now correctly displayed on all items
  • Skill modifiers from augments dont stack anymore on the same item
  • End value for skills is now "rounded" correctly
  • Heroic stats is now handled correctly with Charms (Fanatic's Badge of Passing for example)


  • BS DMG should now reflect the correct value instead of displaying a garbled message
  • Tradeskills Tailoring, Poison, Research are added to Signature stats
  • Stun Resist and Resist Total are added to Signature stats


  • The website should be faster now (we added a lot of caching on "heavy" pages)

Next heroic stats and more !
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Posted: 10/1/08, 6:06 PM

Everytime I hit the sync button and look at my toon. The stats are not right. The HP, AC, ATK, Inventory are all wrong. They are from months ago. My toon: http://games.ph.groups.yahoo.com/group/conav_officers/photos/browse/ddff?c=


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Posted: 10/1/08, 6:20 PM

Canisters - you are showing as a registered user. So Sync will not update your toon for you, it will only verify name, race, class, level and base stats. You need to manually update your gear and AA's.

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Posted: 10/2/08, 2:14 PM

OK I can update information but it has things in my bags that aren't in my bags Nothing is right. Thats a lot of work. Thats why I DL'd the program. It used to show current gear, why doesn't it anymore??

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Posted: 10/2/08, 4:13 PM

It used to show current gear, why doesn't it anymore??

You do not have a subscription. Without a subscription it will not auto update your gear. The only time auto update worked without a subscription was during the beta for the new program and site which was quite a long time ago.

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Posted: 10/4/08, 8:14 PM

My account is not showing current synchs. I have tried a number of times to synch, but it will only show the synch I did 8/27. Yes, I am a premium member

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Posted: 10/5/08, 11:39 PM

Are you doing the sync while you're still in game, or after you have logged out?

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Posted: 10/12/08, 6:54 AM

Haven't read any more information on this but why was Unholy Warhorse removed?

It is still a valid SK AA showing up in my Class AA tab.

Unholy Warhorse 1/1 Prophecy of Ro.