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Posted: 10/4/08 10:55 AM

Hi everyone,

I'm rather new to Magelo (5 minutes old), and discovered this Forum on that Strange thing we like to call "Real Life"...

Now, as I'm an avid reader in RL, I was hoping some of you might point me to some good series to read, be it fantasy or science fiction.

What I have read at this time is the whole of The Lord of the Rings (including Silmarilion and other 'addons'), a bunch of Discworld novels, the Temeraire series, first 5 books of The Laws of Magic, and a lot of Warhammer Fantasy + 40K books.

As I just bought a house, my funding for my books has been reduced to something approaching zero, and for this I'd like to know some titles of series/single books in this genre that I can get in a Belgian Library.

Any help will be more than welcome

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Posted: 10/5/08 3:52 AM

The Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan is a pretty good series.

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Posted: 10/7/08 11:31 AM

I recently read the Twilight series, which I found completely awesome. I was riveted from start to beginning. It's just so fantasticly well written. I would recommend it to anyone.

Otherwise I read a book called The Way of Shadows just last week. A fantasy book about an assassin, and how a young boy gets to become his apprentice. Very interesting storyline with a lot of unexpected turns. I loved it, though I didn't really like the style it was written in.


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Posted: 11/12/08 1:32 PM

any of the books base in warcraft, as in the game now out, not the older games.
im sure the older ones are good as well, but i have not read any of them so i cant say.

one series that i enjoyed very much was Incarnations of Immortality, by piers anthony
and then there is the complete book of sword series that has nothing to do with sword making or the use of swords

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Posted: 12/12/08 4:14 AM


Very... good list trust me!

I would rate The Wheel of Time books higher and REALLY recommend The Dresden File books by Jim Butcher his other series Codex Alera is very good also.
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Posted: 1/31/09 8:39 PM

The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant
Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan, the first 6 books are amazing, but if you get that far you'll likely be too hooked to stop
Magician series by Raymond E Feist - the offshoot series "Daughter of the Empire" etc is the best
George R R Martin's - Song of Fire and Ice series
Terry Goodkind's - Wizards First Rule series - probably stop after the first 5 or so, he starts to waffle on
Anne Bishop's - The Black Jewels Trilogy
Steven King's the Dark Tower series... this one is superb

This small list will keep you reading for a long time, some of those are very big series
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Posted: 2/1/09 6:34 PM

i have to agree with "Steven King's the Dark Tower series". I've just finished reading it and i'm absolutely gutted that it's over
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Posted: 2/3/09 12:23 AM

I've just started reading "The Name of the Wind" by Patrick Rothfuss as recommended by the above link (best 25 fantasy series), I'm about 100 pages in and I'm already reading it during my lunch break at work :D