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Register: 5/4/01
Posted: 10/27/08, 8:58 AM

The website and Magelo Sync have been patched to fix the bug with AAs we introduced with our expansion patch. The profile system now also handles the new rank of Natural durability as well as those following new AAs:
  • New Planar durability for some classes
  • Fondament of Combat
  • Mental stamina
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Register: 1/16/06
Posted: 10/27/08, 10:37 AM

Just ran MS a few seconds ago, and AA are off by over 100(102 to be exact). I have gotten maybie 2-3 new AA, but definately not 102 aa levels worth.

Found the following discrepancies between EQ & Magelo:

1) Tinkering Mastery is listed in Magelo for me.

2) Magelo is missing the following AA for me:
  • Archetype - Cascade of Life, Gate, Gift of Amazing Exquisite Radiant Mana, Group Perfected Invisibility to Undead, Quickened Radiant Cure, Written Prayer
  • Class - Cascading Divine Aura, Extended Swarm, Focused Celestial Regeneration, Forceful Rejuvenation, Fundament of Wisdom, Fundament: First Spire of Divinity, Fundament: Second Spire of Divinity, Fundament: Third Spire of Divinity, Group Purify Soul, Hastened Turn Undead, Quickened Renewal, Sanctified Blessing, Twincast

3) Magelo is missing some AA levels I have in EQ. My Healing Gift AA in EQ is 16/18. If you check my Magelo it shows 0/18, so missing 16 levels of that. I dont remember the totals & all but thats a huge chunk of missing AA right there. I'm also 2/5 on Mental Stamina, but shows 0/5 on Magelo.

Sorry if some of this is already known, just making some observations.
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Register: 7/2/03
Posted: 10/27/08, 2:50 PM

hm updated today, now i have 4.5k hp less
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Register: 10/28/04
Posted: 10/27/08, 3:15 PM

Still not working right
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Register: 11/16/06
Posted: 10/27/08, 4:37 PM

No, I am off by 136 AAs, and by 120 attack.


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Register: 1/18/05
Posted: 10/27/08, 5:05 PM

Natural Durability is still breaking hp.
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Register: 3/27/03
Posted: 10/27/08, 8:19 PM

I just updated again this afternoon and AAs are still off, subsequently lowering HPs and other stats.
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Register: 4/16/02
Posted: 10/27/08, 8:31 PM

ditto down about 4.5k hp with nd 5
Monk level 85 went from 30400~ to 25695 and showing now no ND. quite a bit off.
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Register: 9/30/01
Posted: 10/27/08, 11:11 PM

I've found a couple of problems.


AA count on Magelo is 412.
AA count In Game is 636.
The discrepancy in AA's I can see is ingame I have:
Precise Strikes 10/12, Triple Backstab 13/15 and Veteran's Wrath 10/12.
For those 3 I bought 1 step of each after dinging 81 and they all show as 0 now.

I also tried synchronizing a new item I got, "Concordant Shadowshift Chain Wristguard" but profile did not seem to recognize it. Instead I got an empty wrist slot. I tried searching the item database for "Concordant" but I could not find any, so I'm not sure if Magelo Update is able to send new items to database or if the items require verification before being available for profiles.

Atleast for me the HP displayed in profile is fairly correct (apart from the missing item).
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Register: 5/25/02
Posted: 10/28/08, 1:15 AM

Mine is totally screwed up. I am 31323 / 5073. Magelo shows me barely 26000 hps. What is going on?


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Register: 5/4/01
Posted: 10/28/08, 2:03 AM

I just pushed a new update, hopefully fixing AA issue. Please let me know how it goes when you have a chance to try, thanks !
Etoile deCartier
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Register: 4/22/03
Posted: 10/28/08, 2:40 AM

At 12:45am (Eastern Daylight Time) on Tuesday Oct 28 - I am not able to sync at all. I can boot the program but when I click OK to sync it gives me the a message that says "an error occurred"
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Register: 1/16/06
Posted: 10/28/08, 3:40 AM

I get "An error occurred when synchronizing the characters: null"
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Register: 9/10/01
Posted: 10/28/08, 6:08 AM

Same problem "An error occurred when synchronizing the characters: null"

Also, my new SoD earring doesn't show up (it does looking at the info in synch live) but didn't on previous update and can't be manually put in. Quickened Platinum with a Frostflake aug.
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Register: 4/23/04
Posted: 10/28/08, 6:32 AM

Same problem "An error occurred when synchronizing the characters: null"

A few hours ago i updated but no changes ... now it doesn't work at all ...

Also my new waist item (Chokadai Tail Wrap) doesn't show up (just blank) and my AAs are wrong, about 100 AAs missing ...