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Posted: 11/28/08, 10:47 AM

The website have been patched and you should be able sync your characters just find now.
We have fixed a lot of bugs listed below:

  • Search Engine missing Powersource
  • Gate AA cannot be found in Archetype AA section for Shamans
  • Item Search: Damage Augments per weapon skill (1HB ones for example)
  • Item Search: “Category” has 4 entries for unknown. We will either have just one entry for unknown and have it be a catch-all, or differentiate them. Example: Unknown #58, Unknown #79, etc.
  • Item Search: Can't search ammo, powersource listed instead.

  • Selo's Sonata not showing on profile
  • SoD AAs effects are not handled properly yet
  • “Burst of Power" AA not increasing Triple Attack level cap
  • Foraging and Tracking Mastery not showing correct skill cap with manual character management
  • HP calculation involving AA bugged
  • Defense stat cap is also not updated properly
  • Profile shows too high Attack value for character
  • Tinkering Mastery AA needs to be removed for non-gnomes
  • AAs in profile shown for incorrect class
  • Racial skills and AAs applied to other races

My guild
  • System error on ranks management
  • Manage members: Navigation broken
  • Manage Guild permission

Manage character
  • Wrong skill cap
  • Whoops error appearing on using Customize feature

Enjoy the update and have a great week-end!