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Messages in topic: Premium account special offer for xmas?
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Posted: 12/12/08, 12:49 AM

Are you going to provide a special offeer on the premium again like last year? My sub ran out and I resubscribed and a couple of weeks later was a special for an extra month or something. I didn't want to resubscribe and have it happen all over again, so I am holding off til then.

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Posted: 12/16/08, 6:42 AM

Hi docchip,
Yes we will soon offer a special offer for xmas! It will be available in few days
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Posted: 12/19/08, 6:15 AM

Hummm, guess I resubscribed too early.
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Posted: 12/29/08, 10:00 AM

Yeah me to

Preannouncement would have been good.

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Posted: 1/15/09, 5:42 AM

For those of us that re-subscribed before this offer was offered, cause our accounts were gonna be up and canceled if not re-done gonna get the 3 month free also?

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Posted: 1/15/09, 10:13 PM


If you've paid for the subscription renewal during the Christmas offer, then the extra 3 months would be credited to your account. If the payment was made before or after the period then I'm afraid it isn't added.
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Posted: 1/16/09, 7:50 AM

So next time I should let my subscription expire for 4 months just so I can get 3 months free? That makes no sense at all.....