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Posted: 12/29/08, 1:19 PM

this has been like this for over a month, I would like a refund on my account for the last month.

everytime I sync my characters, it says it was successful and puts the date and time in for it, but when I go to look at ranking, I'm still have the same stuff from over a month ago and same aa's. When I look at my characters, it is over a month old. Why am I paying for my substriction to see month old stuff.

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Posted: 12/29/08, 1:32 PM

Your subscription is expired, you're showing as a Registered user which means you don't have a current subscription. Go to My Account from the menu on the left side of the site and check your expiration date.

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Posted: 1/4/09, 9:53 AM

Do you have to subscribe to be able to use Sync system?

(I've been trying Sync, but It said I successfully Synced, but my gears aren't updated)
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Posted: 1/4/09, 1:54 PM

When you sync without a premium account, all it does is register you on the ranking list, update your level to the site, and update your guild. It doesn't update any gear.

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