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> > > Stats fixed, Heroic items fully supported, let's test it !

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Posted: 1/10/09, 1:02 AM

other than the previously mentioned ac, all the updated stats look great.

however, the signatures dont match the profile, are the sigs updated at a later time?

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Posted: 1/10/09, 1:11 AM

Hi TyborEdge,

Your signature should be updated at the same time as your profile so there is obviously a bug, We will look into it asap.
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Posted: 1/10/09, 1:38 AM

its strange, once i resynced it worked on 3 of my toons, but not the 4th



[url= /img/url' target='new'>http://eq.magelo.com/profile/1415146][img]http://eq.sig.magelo.com/1415146.png/img/url
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Posted: 1/10/09, 6:40 AM

stats still sucking, waiting for the promise land stuff
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Posted: 1/10/09, 7:18 AM

Rankings working again after resynch.

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Posted: 1/10/09, 1:48 PM

Bornto - please use the thread linked in the original post to report errors with stats. Please make sure to check both naked and geared stats. Reporting the differences will help the development team pinpoint any existing forumula errors so they can fix them.

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Posted: 1/17/09, 6:05 PM

Sadly, this change makes the calculations for our vintage server, Al'Kabor, no longer valid. Could your system accommodate using the old functions for it? That or could someone point me in the right direction of where I can find the functions so we could put together something for ourselves?
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Posted: 1/19/09, 12:58 PM

Profile link 44177
Magelo stats where you see the error
Compartmented Temporite Jewelry-- Recommended level 85 but magelo is showing FULL stats at 80

Ingame stats where you see the error
Magelo naked stats
Ingame naked stats

There's an 91 hp difference but 75 of that is from this recommended level... bug, i guess you would call it, showing full stats at pre-recommended level. I would assume the other 16hp is from magelo calculating that 75 hp in conjunction with my Natural Durability/Physical Enhancement AAs