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January 20, 2009

      • Highlights ***

      • Items ***
  • Created new stat and weapon augments for tier 4 and 5 as well as purity augments for all tiers of SoD.
  • Effects have been added to appropriate breastplates and robes from the SoD expansion.
  • There are now global rare drop augments in the earth and discord themes.
  • Fixed an issue with the slot 15 emblems. They should now work with Seeds of Destruction armor.
      • Spells ***
  • A new Monk discipline has been implemented named Calanin's Synergy.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause some disciplines to lock out certain AAs. An example of this is the Rogue ability Bleed locking out the Rogue AA Escape.
  • Aurora of Morrow and similar effects will no longer count corpses of dead group members.
      • Quests ***
  • In the Field of Scale, The Grand Illusion and all sub-quests have been changed to be non-repeatable.
  • Nedsin in Korascian Warrens will now deliver all of his tasks.

      • Raids ***
  • Added titles for completing the final events in Discord Tower.
  • In order to receive the reward for defeating Crazok in Bloodmoon, you will now have to complete the entire task.
  • Made some tuning changes to Tower of Discord Raids 4 and 5.
  • Slightly modified the tether box for the Crystalline Tyranont.
  • The chest in the Old Blackburrow raid should now display properly.
  • The Ikaav Entrancement spell will be slower to spread, easier to resist and have a smaller infectious radius, as well as a shorter duration.

      • AAs ***
  • Added a wear off message to the Heal over Time component of the higher level ranks of Lay on Hands.
  • Adjusted the slot order for the AA effect Third Spire of Nature Effect to resolve a stacking issue.
  • Corrected an issue with the last 3 ranks of Army of the Dead AA (Necro) that had removed several melee skills from the newest ranks of swarm pets.
  • Corrected an issue with the last 3 ranks of the Swarm of Decay AA (Necro) that was causing the wrong spell to be cast by the NPCs.
  • Modified the Slot order on the AAs Third Spire of Ancestors and Third Spire of the Savage Lord to resolve some stacking issues.
  • Several AAs that used the Skill Damage Amount bonus, specifically from the "Spire" lines, have had the values retuned to better match the intended damage returns from these abilities.

      • Mercenaries ***
  • Mercenaries will no longer charge you if you have had them in passive stance for a complete billing period and you zone.
  • Mercenaries will now be taken into consideration for player counting in dynamic zones if mercenaries are allowed into these dynamic zones.
  • Fixed some problems that caused mercenaries to incorrectly think they were still in combat.
  • Healer mercs will now retry a resurrect more quickly if the initial resurrect fails while the target player is zoning.
  • Added timed mercenary debug logging. If you submit a /bug with type Mercenaries or use /merclog, the next 20 seconds of actions and decisions made by your mercenary will be logged. Please use /bug to describe what you perceive the problem is, so we can determine what we're looking at with the log.
  • Changed PvP calculations so that mercenaries being hit from PCs or other mercenaries take full damage with no mitigation, avoidance or resist checks. They also no longer resist stuns from PCs or other mercenaries.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing corpses to poof with no experience if a mercenary whose owner was dead in hover mode was the first on the hate list (it didn't necessarily have to do the most damage).

      • Miscellaneous ***
  • Enabled the environmental sound toggle on ambient sounds in the following zones: Abysmal Sea, Ashengate, Direwind, Dreadspire (and Demi-Plane of Blood), Ikkinz, Lavastorm Mountains, Kod'Taz, Tipt, and Vxed. The Master still commands his orchestra, however.
  • The gnomes have made an adjustment to their cannons in Dragonscale Hills that should hopefully make them a bit more reliable.
  • Possible fix for a zone crash related to NPCs with linked aggro in the Discord Tower raids.
  • Characters on mounts can now use the Dragonscale Hills cannon.
  • Twincast will no longer fire on detrimental spells used on another player (PvP).
  • Players will no longer receive diagnostic messages about loading database strings when first logging in.
  • Fixed a bug with experience gained while in a group with a shrouded member. Under certain conditions, experience could be either way too high for the shrouded player, or way too low for the unshrouded player.
  • When inviting another player to a raid, if the player rejects your invitation, you will now receive a message stating that your invitation was rejected.
  • Added a popup confirmation dialog (that can be switched off in the options menu) when you are invited to a raid.
  • If auto stand is active, drinking a potion will now make you stand.
  • Increased the sizes settable by the /chatfontsize command up to size 10 to make reading easier on high resolution displays.
  • Fixed a bug that left pets in the world when you kicked yourself off when logging in.
  • Your LFG flag will no longer drop when you change your group role with a mercenary in the group.
  • Spell recast timers should now be fixed in most cases. After this change, if your spell does not land or gets interrupted for any reason, you will be able to immediately cast the spell again.
  • AA points banked are now limited to 30 even when you are shrouded.

    • Login ***
  • Fixed an issue that was causing the kick request prompt to disappear after 5 seconds and default to accept the kick request of a player logging in with the same account.
  • Added an option in the general options page to allow a player to set their client to automatically accept kick requests from others logging in with the same account. This is helpful for those that might frequently play from two locations. They can set their clients to automatically accept their kick request (without this option set, your client will default to denying the request).

      • UI ***
  • Added a toggle to turn off the new left click camera functionality.
  • Fixed a bug that caused potions to not grey out when they had a recast timer under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed an issue with the left-button getting stuck when in 3rd person camera mode. This could happen if you cast a spell with a hotkey while rotating the camera using the left mouse button.
  • The third person camera will now always turn the character when in mouse walk mode. (Formerly going into mouse walk mode from the left button behaved differently than going into mouse walk mode from the right button.)
  • Fixed issue with third person camera not resetting to behind the head when changing from first person.
  • Changed -


- The EverQuest Team