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Register: 7/23/08
Posted: 2/12/09, 4:20 AM

Hi everyone,

EverQuest was patched on 11 Feb 2009, and we'll need some time to make sure Magelo Sync will work with this latest patch. We'll make an announcement on the website as soon as we do.

Thank you for your patience.

Edit: Magelo Sync is now patched, so you can Sync your characters now
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Posted: 2/13/09, 9:53 AM

Deleted, problem is fixed now.
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Posted: 2/24/09, 8:18 PM

Customer service earns revenue.
Updates are a good thing.
Thanks for taking time to do so

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Posted: 3/2/09, 6:36 PM

I synch, it says I synched...but it didn't. Anyone else with that problem?
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Register: 7/23/08
Posted: 3/3/09, 12:34 AM

Hi Jenellegreywolfe, I see your Magelo profile for your main character with a last updated time stamp of "Tuesday, March 03, 2009 6:38:24 AM". Could you tell me which parts are not updated please?
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Posted: 3/4/09, 1:13 AM

I'm getting the same problem. It says sync'd and timestamps it current. But the gear is not updated (breastplate, legs and bracer are off for sure). If I export my gear it is reflecting my current gear. This is also happened to another character on my Magelo account.

Magelo#: 5389

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Posted: 3/4/09, 7:00 AM

Hi Quarken,

Thank you for your assistance. I do see the status of your Premium having just expired, though, and that may be the reason it is unable to update the gear for your characters.

You may wish to either manually update your characters' equipment profiles by using My characters > Manage Character > Edit Character > Equipment, or renew your Premium subscription in the My account section.
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Posted: 3/5/09, 9:42 PM

Magelo Synce is not working on my character either have tried to update Rurra several times, magelo sync says it has and time stamp on webpage says was done but none of my equipment stats or anything has updated, I did manual update of level. But I have not touched anything else. I have a Wndows Vista 64 bit system if that helps.
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Posted: 3/5/09, 10:49 PM

Hello Makora,

Magelo Sync will update your character equipment, AAs and other statistics only if you are using a Premium Magelo account. As your current Magelo account is a Regular (Registered User) account, you will need to manually make equipment and AA updates to your character in My characters > Manage Character > Edit Character.
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Posted: 3/5/09, 11:11 PM

Hello, I have the same problem as the people above. I sync and it says it's successful, but doesnt update anything other than the date.
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Posted: 3/8/09, 11:45 AM

I'm currently not able to sync either, and I have a premium subscription. It says "an eror has occured during the synchronization. please try again later."

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Posted: 3/8/09, 1:55 PM

I am currently unable to sync on either of my toons. It says " an error has occured during synchronization, please try again later.
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Posted: 3/8/09, 6:54 PM

I'm having the same problem as the two above, I am a premium member, account will expire march 2010. Each time I attempt to synch, I get "an error has occured during synchronization, please try again later."
I have latest java update

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Posted: 3/8/09, 11:59 PM

I am getting the same as the above 3 people.

Moklianne -Magelo
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Posted: 3/9/09, 12:28 AM

Hi - could you guys please post about this in http://eq.magelo.com/forum/messages.jspa?topic=6122 ?

It would be great to have the Magelo Sync log so we can find out what has happened. To open up the log, hit Ctrl + Shift + L while Magelo Sync is running.