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Register: 3/30/04
Posted: 11/15/06, 6:15 PM

Is there a way to add my guild tag to my magelo without having the premium?

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Register: 5/4/01
Posted: 11/15/06, 6:33 PM

Yes, just run Magelo Update and let it detect your character, that's it.
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Register: 4/26/04
Posted: 11/16/06, 7:15 PM

Let it detect the character, or let it sync the character?

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Register: 1/27/04
Posted: 11/16/06, 7:34 PM

Just has to detect the character, same for getting non premium toons into the rankings.

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Posted: 3/14/07, 12:29 PM

thanks, i was looking for a way to fix my alt guild tag but couldn't find it until digging through these posts
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Posted: 2/15/08, 11:43 AM

OK, I am having the same problem. I have no guild tag, and I ran magelo update a couple times. Not ranked either, but I didn't think I would get ranked. What am I doing wrong?