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Posted: 11/16/06, 7:18 AM

Hi everyone,

In order to give you a little heads up on what’s coming next on Magelo here is our current roadmap of changes.

Short terms changes (between this week and next week)

- Ability to sort by server AND by class for all users.
- Adding the total AA rank filter for all users.
- Adding more filters for Premium users, such as trade skills or combat modifiers (+BS, etc.)

Advanced search improvement – step 1:
- More orders attributes.
- Adding augments search criteria.

Missing spells:
- We have finally found them and they agreed to come back to us, yay!

- More bugs crushing (AAs, wizard, etc.)

Medium terms changes (starting next week)

Advanced search improvement – step 2:
- Scoring will make its appearance, thanks Kumat!
- Effects are coming into play as well.

- Adding tooltips for AAs.
- Adding a new Spells tab under the panel "Skills & Effects" that will renamed "Skills, Spells & Effects" for the occasion.
- A better display for keys and flags, and by Innorruk they need it!
- Current modifiers' tabs are dropped and replaced with the following setup; General / Advanced / Skills

Character's management and wizard:
- Adding the Spells page.
- A new flags & keys management.

Alternate Profiles:
- Are coming back.

Longer terms changes (December and beyond)

- Adding new content pages for quests, mobs and zones.
- The brand new tool to help you choose the best equipment upgrade for your characters.
- The infamous sig maker.
- New guilds tools.

This list is not meant to be exhaustive neither restrictive. We keep on tuning the existent and on brainstorming for future upgrades/features.


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Posted: 11/16/06, 8:31 AM

Missing spells FTW!!!

For someone who has three magelo accounts and 7 EQ accounts and all but one needs spells/songs. This is a god send. I loved the feature before, and will be glad to have it back.

Thanks Team, keep it going.

EDIT NOTE: yeah, yeah....