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Posted: 10/21/09, 8:46 PM

Here's a sneak peek at the Game Update Notes for Wednesday. Remember that these notes may or may not be changed before the update goes live.

      • Items ***
  • The Unscribed Glyph item will no longer charge AAs when granting glyphs.
  • Fixed the possessive apostrophe issue with the Atathus` Warfire line of items.
  • The Thick Banded Belt's sell-back price has been changed to match the price of other looted items.

      • Tradeskills ***
  • Rouan's Draught of the Wanderer will now return a bottle and cork on fail instead of 20 bottles.

      • Quests & Events ***
  • Fixed a misspelling in a dialog from the Protector.

      • Spells ***
  • Corrected description errors in the spells Theft of Pain and Phantasmic Reflex.
  • Damaging cast procs (such as Sympathetic Lightning) will now proc only on damaging spells, rather than all detrimental spells. This will prevent damage procs from triggering on debuffs and mesmerizing spells.

      • AA ***
  • The Second Spire of the Minstrels will no longer apply a damage bonus to procs or item clicks. Any bonus it applies to DoT damage will be divided over all ticks of the DoT rather than adding its full amount every tick.
  • The functionality of Mortal Coil has been changed slightly to prevent some unwanted effects in specific situations. The triggering of mortal coil now leaves a 'Mortal Residue' upon your body for a short time which will block the continual application of Mortal Coil. Most players will see no change in the way this AA behaves.

      • UI ***
  • Added left-click functionality to player and group UI gauges when used in custom windows.
  • Changed -

      • Miscellaneous ***
  • NPCs that summon will now summon players to half of their melee distance in the same direction the player was in prior to summoning. The method used to calculate the position of the summon should correctly account for floor height and invisible zone walls. So players should not fall through the world after being summoned or be locked outside of zone boundaries.
  • Fixed a calculation error that allowed a player to sometimes stand just outside of a rooted/summoning NPCs melee radius and not be summoned.
  • Fixed a problem that caused the spell Doom of the Mephits to crash the zone when you had a mercenary.
  • Fixed a problem with pets where they would not re-attack an NPC when instructed to after the NPC had charmed its owner and pet hold was on.
  • Alternate currency that is in item form will now automatically be reclaimed when exiting a monster mission.
      • Previously Updated ***
  • The requirement to enter Howling Stones has now been lowered to level 40 to allow Hot Zone access for relevant players.
  • Fixed a problem that was preventing players that did not have the key from entering the dragoncrypt zone.
  • Fixed a bug that would send characters below the world when zoning from Paineel to Toxxulia Forest.
  • The clicknar in Toxxulia will now fight back. They still have a very small aggro radius.

- The EverQuest Team