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Messages in topic: Why are All alts are now Sarynmonk
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Register: 3/7/02
Posted: 4/3/10, 5:55 PM

I Can only see my main Char's items and profile, all secondary profiles are labeled Saryrnmonk but with the correct Magelo No. ??
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Register: 3/27/10
Posted: 4/3/10, 10:33 PM

All of my Characters are Sarynmonk and cannot see anything.
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Register: 5/15/02
Posted: 4/4/10, 12:30 AM

Guess we are going to have to wait till what ever holiday is over before what ever issue is causing all alts to be labelled and displayed as sarynmonk lvl 75 with screwed up displays to be fixed !!
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Register: 1/30/04
Posted: 4/4/10, 3:31 AM

my main is now syranmonk
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Register: 4/21/04
Posted: 4/4/10, 4:07 PM

With the screw ups we deal with we should get free time added to our accounts. I am really beginning to wonder why I am using Magelo over Station Players anymore, really.
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Posted: 4/5/10, 3:14 AM

Please use the Bug Report forums to discuss this issue.