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Shyann Dreamcatcher
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Posted: 6/5/10, 8:30 PM

I use to at one time be able to add Pic's and Music on my Magelo Account long time ago. It has been a while since I have use Magelo. I was wondering if this is something that can still be done? Do you have to upgrade and pay for that feature? If not maybe I am doing this all wrong if someone could please let me know if it's because I need to pay for that, or if I maybe doing something wrong and maybe tell me how to do this right. I bet this has been asked a million times but I can't seem to find a post on this. Thank you..

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Posted: 6/6/10, 12:46 AM

Hi Shyann,

Customization features such as image and music background for your profiles are indeed premium features. You can learn more about our premium package at http://eq.magelo.com/premium.jspa

Thanks in advance if you decide to support us by becoming premium. If you have any question, don't hesitate, I will be happy to answer them.