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Posted: 9/24/10 1:05 AM

Any updates on the Media Manager will be posted in this thread.
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Posted: 10/19/10 1:51 AM

Whats up with the sync not working? Game patched on the 12th,, thats 7 days ago and it still says eq.exe has patched ,,magelo will update soon , or something to that effect when i try to sync my toon. Im not expecting miracles , but a heads up or definate maybe on this date would be great as an answer.

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Posted: 10/19/10 2:46 AM

There were some major UI changes and general game play changes in this patch, due to the release of the New Expansion. Jelan and the crew are working on it, but especially with the changes to inventory and level possibilities, you have to admit that the changes are huge. From last estimate, should only be a few more days.

Also, they are rolling out some new features for the Magelo page here. I was inadvertently able to test one and look forward to seeing it go live (hint, hint guys ).

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Posted: 10/20/10 8:48 AM

Latest update regarding the support of HoT is posted in this topic. As always, rest assured that we are doing our best and we will of course compensate all our premium members for the excessive downtime of Magelo sync.