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Posted: 11/3/10, 11:18 AM

How does Magelo pick up the location of a Named mob / npc? as not alot are shown in the new HoT zones and would like to be able to add the statics.


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Posted: 11/3/10, 10:45 PM

We fixed an issue that prevented Magelo Sync from observing a lot of data - it will be live as soon as we patch (hopefully today).

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Posted: 11/4/10, 9:45 AM

Thanks so its just a case of being close and /con them or hail or /loc with them on tgt?


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Posted: 11/5/10, 1:29 PM

Hi Genadine,

Magelo sync server will elect a zone to be observed for the geo localization of its npcs and will tell people running Magelo sync who are actually in the zone to send information. You just need to be in the zone to collect such data. Once Magelo Sync is satisfies with the amount of data collected or if there is no one in the zone anymore, it will elect another zone.

I just set a priority on all HoT zones so they should get elected first now.