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Posted: 11/29/10, 3:41 PM

How do you install it? I looked all around and saw the way you install it onto a blog or website. I don't have a blog or web site, I just want to add the web bar to firefox so i can see it on any page I look at. Currently the only pages I can see it on is the magelo web site. I could be missing something but I didn't see a way to install it into my browser or to stay at the bottom of the page permenantly. If someone could help me out I'd appreciate it..

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Posted: 11/29/10, 4:37 PM

As a Firefox or Chrome add-in, I have to say


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Posted: 11/30/10, 1:36 AM

Hi Vullkor,

Right now, the integration is aimed at communities who want to integrate our tools to boost their website. As an end user, you cant really install it per say as you discovered.

I will research how feasible a firefox/opera extension would be that would let you plug yourself our tools in pretty much any website you want. I will get back to you asap on this.