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Posted: 1/23/11, 3:12 PM

One of my characters is a shaman. When I check to see what spells he is missing, I get a list of spells that are not usable because of his regelion. Why do these show? There are also a number of listed spells that do not appear to exsist in the game. Why have these not been removed?

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Posted: 1/24/11, 12:26 AM

Hello Beachrun,
We are aware of this issue and we should be able to fix it this week. We will keep you posted!

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Posted: 2/10/11, 10:05 AM

This issue should be fixed now.
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Posted: 1/22/12, 12:02 PM

I have to un-dust this topic .. because there's another issue with spells.

My 93 rogue woodie does have a lot of the Rk. II disciplines up to L93, but the "missing spells" list shows the whole rank list missing (Rk. I, II and III).

For my L92 shaman cat the spell list seems fine, there's none listed which I already have in the spellbook.


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Posted: 1/26/12, 12:00 AM

Hi MWunsch,
Could you please open a new topic in the Bugs forum?
Thank you.