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Posted: 4/20/11, 3:37 AM

Good morning dear Magelo community!

It is always interesting to know to what music people are listening to
Feel free to post some youtube vids or just list the names of artists, bands or even djs you like!

Well, I will start then

Trance music:
Armin van Buuren
Richard Durand
Above and Beyond
Andy Diguid
Markus Schulz
Cosmic Gate

Linkin Park

Hip Hop:
Snoop Dog
Fort Minor
Eminem (just the old tracks, the new ones are too commercial)
Three 6 Mafia

Example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qwCS8E0Frpw

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Posted: 7/3/11, 11:34 PM

Anything from Vocaloid.

Semi-retired warrior of Povar
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Posted: 7/31/11, 10:05 AM

Any thing be Celin Dion
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Posted: 6/29/15, 9:44 AM

I've been going back and forth lately from anything 90's metal, dance, or just classical music on the radio. I can never make up my mind these days lol.

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Posted: 2/21/16, 3:23 PM

I have eclectic tastes. Below are some of the artists I'm currently listening to:

Cage the Elephant,
Townes Van Zandt
The Smiths
David Bowie
John Prine
Ray Wylie Hubbard
Marty Robbins
Bowling for Soup
Chris Knight
No Doubt
Green Day