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Posted: 9/5/11, 1:57 PM

I know you use to be able to, and I know some who still have them, but why are .gif not allowed anymore?

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Posted: 11/1/11, 6:00 AM

Hi Jerad, we don't allow gif anymore just because jpg and png images are more common now and allow more details than gif.
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Posted: 11/1/11, 8:26 PM

However, only .gif supports multiple frames (animation).

Unless there's some sort of licensing needed to make use of .gifs, I see no reason to exclude it.

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Posted: 11/11/11, 10:32 PM

If magelo allows the use of GIFs for backgrounds, I'd use Nyan Cat just to show why it's a bad idea

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Posted: 12/20/11, 3:27 PM

You cant use gifs anymore (I can already see its potential for abuse, remembering some of the stuff from back in the day.)

You can however set it so your background changes with each refresh.
Example; (only 3 backgrounds random atm, might use more later.
You might also be able to randomize the music if you wanted also, im just a bit lazy to try it right now.

I know its not exactly what you wanted, but it does add some variety.

Now if only I could find a way to do it for the sigs as well, but unfortunately you cant host your own image file to run the script.

EDIT- Heh, didnt notice how old this thread was since I stumbled on it in a google search... or that I was logged in on Neggins acct, lol.