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Posted: 1/21/12, 4:55 PM

For quite a while my profile does not appear on a ranking search

I can search for Swordweaver and I appear but when I use "Ranking" I am not there

Anyone have any idea why?


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Posted: 1/22/12, 10:04 AM

Same Problem here, years i dont upgraded my free magelo and it showed on eqrankings without problems. now i upgraded to current level 95 and it wont show on eqranking,com. entering the character name or the magelo id into search shows the character but in the ranking its not visible anymore.tried to update the profile different times with the magelo id but the character still dont shows in the ranking. another toon (level 95 too) i updated together with the now invisible in ranking shows without problems in the ranking. what can i do to make the disapeared character visible in the ranking ??

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Posted: 1/27/12, 7:49 AM

Hi Swordweaver

I see you just fine at the 16th position here
> http://eq.magelo.com/do_ranking.jspa?bgOnly=false&authOnly=false&raceId=&classeId=1&serverId=43&minLevel=1&maxLevel=95&criteria1=HP&criteria2=AC

Same for you Sombraz24,

I see your warrior at the 32th position here
> http://eq.magelo.com/do_ranking.jspa?bgOnly=false&authOnly=false&raceId=&classeId=1&serverId=24&minLevel=1&maxLevel=95&criteria1=HP&criteria2=AC

Whenever you have an issue appearing in the ranking, always try to sync your character, should flag it to become eligible.

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Posted: 12/12/12, 2:42 AM

I am having this same issue. I noticed it after I changed servers. On my old server my character was flagged as ranked on the character listing. When I moved servers and synced I had two different magelo profiles. I deleted the old one, and still not flagged as ranked. I'm 4th on server, and no matter how many times I sync this isn't showing up.

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Posted: 12/12/12, 10:16 PM

Hi Jenrenee,
I can see your character in the ranking: http://eq.magelo.com/do_ranking.jspa?criteria1=Level&authOnly=false&bgOnly=false&raceId=0&classeId=3&serverId=28&minLevel=1&maxLevel=100

But it's true, your character is flagged as "not ranked" from your characters page. You can see an icon on the left of your character to indicates the ranking status. No idea why it's "not ranked", while it should be according to your settings. We need to look at this.
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Posted: 12/19/12, 1:34 PM

I am having the same issue, BUT only since RoF came out.. I used to always show up on the ranking for Beastlords on the Bert server but I no longer am I have updated my profile several times and still nothing have had others check to see if they see me on rankings also and nothing....

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Posted: 12/21/12, 4:19 AM

Hi KiikiiLitter,

In fact, I don't see your character in the ranking. As you correctly did, you need to sync your character with Magelo Sync in order to show it in the ranking, even if you have a free account. Magelo Sync double check the identity of the character is correct as well as the level and the guild information. When everything is correct, the character is added to the ranking.

So could you please sync your character gain and post the log of Magelo Sync here? Simply press Ctrl+shift+L and copy the content of the window that will pop-up in your reply. It should give us some explanation why your character is not showing in the ranking.

Thank you and happy holiday!
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Posted: 12/21/12, 11:45 AM

[2012-12-21 11:40:52] Initialisation de la configuration
[2012-12-21 11:40:52] Could not find: magelo-i18n []
[2012-12-21 11:40:52] Using magelo-i18n[en]
[2012-12-21 11:40:52] Using magelo-i18n[en_US]
[2012-12-21 11:40:52] Magelo Sync 4.3.0, Copyright (C) 2011 Magelo SA
[2012-12-21 11:40:52] Windows 7 6.1 amd64
[2012-12-21 11:40:52] Java version 1.7.0_10
[2012-12-21 11:40:52] America/New_York, en_US, windows-1252
[2012-12-21 11:40:52]
[2012-12-21 11:40:52] Initialisation des services...
[2012-12-21 11:41:14] Authentification automatique de l'utilisateur...
[2012-12-21 11:41:14] Game Slots : 0 free of 0
[2012-12-21 11:41:14] Utilisateur authentifie : KiikiiLitter (REGISTERED)
[2012-12-21 11:41:14] Demarrage des services...
[2012-12-21 11:41:14] Demarrage du service : Content Synchronizer
[2012-12-21 11:41:14] Demarrage du service : Deadlock Hunter
[2012-12-21 11:41:15] Demarrage du service : Recherche de processus
[2012-12-21 11:41:49] Nouveau processus detecte : eqgame.exe[796]
[2012-12-21 11:41:49] Process found : eqgame.exe
[2012-12-21 11:41:51] Création du moniteur Everquest
[2012-12-21 11:41:51] Demarrage du game monitor : EverQuest
[2012-12-21 11:42:14] Sending game content to server...
[2012-12-21 11:42:14] Objets detectes par GameMonitor (EverQuest 1.3.0) : 0
[2012-12-21 11:42:14] Nouveaux objets detectes : 0
[2012-12-21 11:42:14] Envoi des observations
[2012-12-21 11:43:08] [Char] Step -2
[2012-12-21 11:43:08] [Char] Step -1
[2012-12-21 11:43:09] [Char] Step 0
[2012-12-21 11:43:09] [Char] Step 1
[2012-12-21 11:43:09] [Char] Step 2
[2012-12-21 11:43:09] [Char] Step 3
[2012-12-21 11:43:10] [Char] Step 31
[2012-12-21 11:43:10] [Char] Step 32
[2012-12-21 11:43:12] [Char] Step 33
[2012-12-21 11:43:12] [Char] Step 34
[2012-12-21 11:43:12] Shrouded: 0
[2012-12-21 11:43:12] [Char] Step 4
[2012-12-21 11:43:12] Sending game content to server...
[2012-12-21 11:43:12] Objets detectes par GameMonitor (EverQuest 1.3.0) : 649
[2012-12-21 11:43:12] Nouveaux objets detectes : 649
[2012-12-21 11:43:12] Authentification automatique de l'utilisateur...
[2012-12-21 11:43:12] Game Slots : 0 free of 0
[2012-12-21 11:43:12] Utilisateur authentifie : KiikiiLitter (REGISTERED)
[2012-12-21 11:43:12] Session reactivee, nouvelle tentative pour: class magelo.wo
[2012-12-21 11:43:13] Authentification automatique de l'utilisateur...
[2012-12-21 11:43:13] Impossible de recuperer le status du personnage
[2012-12-21 11:43:13] Game Slots : 0 free of 0
[2012-12-21 11:43:13] Utilisateur authentifie : KiikiiLitter (REGISTERED)
[2012-12-21 11:43:13] Session reactivee, nouvelle tentative pour: class magelo.cp
[2012-12-21 11:43:14] Objets demandes par le serveur : 0
[2012-12-21 11:44:22] Opening 'C:\Program Files\Magelo\Magelo Sync\magelo.log'

Im not sure if this is what your talking about me posting or not if its not please let me know