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Magelo Tooltips
The Magelo Tooltips offer detailed information on the link you are looking at, as shown in the samples below.
 Item tooltip : Mercurial Stud
 Including icon and following ingame layout
 Recipe tooltip : Hero Sandwich
 Including reagents and required tool
 Spell tooltip : Mask of the Arboreal Rk. II
 Zone tooltip : The Underquarry
 Including mini-map
 NPC tooltip : Belina Hearthwarmer
 Including location on mini-map

Boost your website with the Magelo Tooltips!

Get Magelo Tooltips for any item, npc, spell and zone link on your site. It’s very simple, just follow our instructions on how to install and use them and you will be up and running in less than 5 minutes!

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Auto complete

The Magelo tooltips system includes an auto complete feature to link easily anything from the database in your post and comment (item, npc, ability,…). Whenever you want to insert a link on an item for example, just enter the beginning of the item name and press Ctrl+Space to get a list of results. Pick the item you want from the list to automatically add the item link with the tooltip in your post or comment. > Learn more

You can try it below.

Notation Guide

A tooltip will be automatically visible on any Magelo database link.

Notation Result
Item : <a href="https://eq.magelo.com/item/51076">Helm of the Kor Initiate</a> Helm of the Kor Initiate
Spell : <a href="https://eq.magelo.com/spell/1286">Expedience</a> Expedience
Npc : <a href="https://eq.magelo.com/npc/375308">a gnome slave</a> a gnome slave
Zone : <a href="https://eq.magelo.com/zone/224">Gulf of Gunthak</a> Gulf of Gunthak
Recipe : <a href="https://eq.magelo.com/recipe/10900">Tonic of Efficiency Affinity VIII</a> Tonic of Efficiency Affinity VIII

Additionally, you can customize any link using the rel attribute.

Notation Result
Item : <a href="#" rel="eq:item:51076">Helm of the Kor Initiate</a>
Format : eq:item:itemId (works with item, spell, npc and zone)
Helm of the Kor Initiate