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Register: 2/26/02
Posted: 11/27/07, 1:05 PM

You didn't test it on a charecter over level 75...wow.Just wow.
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Register: 3/16/03
Posted: 11/27/07, 3:44 PM

Maybe he spent his time fixing magelo to be compatible with EQ instead of leveling his toons to test it with. It's still better than EQ players, and I'd rather have a half functioning version in a week and a half then no functioning version in 3.
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Register: 6/8/04
Posted: 11/28/07, 10:50 AM

Appears to be working now. Shows level 80, new AA;s are listed etc.
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Register: 2/7/04
Posted: 11/28/07, 7:31 PM

New AA are listed, yes.. but the gains from those AA (like the 500 hps for the 5 ranks in general sturdiness) do not appear as of yet.

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Register: 6/10/04
Posted: 12/1/07, 3:13 PM

yes done update yesterday i am missing stats not to 448 and also 615 hp from hp listings - barring the fact that the aa are not updated i think all else is good seems the aa list is done - but not adding to the auto update
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Posted: 12/2/07, 9:47 PM

The Heroic stats definitely aren't showing or being factored in messing up the hp/mana count, but I have every confidence that the Magelo team is working on it.

My account here for example:

With various items I have an extra +8 wisdom thanks to heroic stats which increases the amount of mana. My total wisdom is 478, not the 470 shown, and my current mana is 12426 not the 12287 shown.
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Posted: 12/4/07, 12:52 PM

Just an FYI... It's not a big deal, but I thought I would make you aware:

In examining the AAs list on my profile, I noticed the following AAs with all question marks in the description popup when I mouse-over the AA name: (????)

General - Planar Power
Arch - Inate Enlightenment
Arch - Quickened Curing

As I said, it's not a big deal, but you may want to examine the AA descriptions table for those three AAs.