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Posted: 3/29/21, 6:40 PM

taking my vote back to HP. who knows when eq changes things again. you can sort by HDex already.. no moves needed
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Posted: 3/30/21, 9:48 AM

HDex > Atk > BS Dmg if third is needed imho - as far as other melee classes, they should see the same - why HP should be the top stat to look for as melee confuses me - but its me that feels that way, im not hear speaking for others just to be clear.

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Posted: 4/2/21, 4:37 PM

I agree, Farzie.

How Bahdah (RoI version) is 12th on the list is a shame.

Something like this seems a bit more accurate.

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Posted: 1/4/22, 1:17 PM

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Posted: 1/3/23, 2:37 PM

AC is the same way for Tanks. Raw AC should be the ranking for ac classes. Not someone padding the AC number by removing raw ac to add HAgi.

My Raw AC currently 12498. My mitigation 4878. Total 17,376.

I can remove the slot 2, type 5 Frosty Gem of Enhanced Protection (AC 35) from my SHIELD! and put in a HAgi aug (No AC / +93 Hagi) and gain ac 47 ac.... /boggle. Did I gain more ac or just more mitigation.

After, Raw AC 12463. Mitigation 4960. Total 17,423.

This is why tanks ac ranking should be based on Pure AC. The top SK even posted his background picture to say "Yes I use HDex in game, I am not stupid" or something to that affect.