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Posted: 10/18/08, 9:55 AM

We had an issue with the Magelo Sync server, it's now fixed however. Please try again and let me know if you still have issues with the Magelo Sync.

We will improve the login process to give a better feedback for the future if something like this happens again.
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Posted: 10/18/08, 5:21 PM

Seems fixed. The only bug i see now is that if Everquest is running and you open magelo after it comes up that you are not logged into a game please select. Orginially says that EQ.exe is currently running. So maybe some type of coding needs to be changed for those that select (run my favorite game) so that if it is running already Magelo Sync will still run properly. Not sure if all this makes sense since i am a tech newbie really when it comes to coding.

Logging out of your favorite game and then loading Magelo sync it works properly.
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Posted: 10/19/08, 2:32 AM

all fixed! thanks you are the best! =)
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Posted: 10/24/08, 5:19 PM

same problem i type username+ password and nothing ..
i m on XP


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Posted: 10/24/08, 5:58 PM

Tasmal - Sync is still down for the Seeds of Destruction patch.