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Posted: 11/16/06, 11:12 AM

Hi and welcome to our first Round Table. RTs are a way to encourage and to structure discussions around specific topics, or more general matters.

On today’s round table we would like to have your feedbacks on the default sorting order for each classes. When you click on a class name of the default page we are returning a list of characters result ranked by two values, for exemple Hp/Mana. Those values may or may not be the best pick and if they’re not, now it’s the best time to change them. You can find what values are used by default one on the search box on top of the ranking result.

If you’re pretty acquainted with one or several classes and you would like the default values to be changed for something else, please use the thread below and post the class(-es) name along with the two values you think would be best for that class.

The thread will stay open for several days in order to give everyone the time to express their opinion, then it will be closed and the new values will be implemented on the next following patch.

Thread link: http://eq.magelo.com/forum/messages.jspa?topic=722

Thank you!

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