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Boundless Nimble Symbol of Growth

Boundless Nimble Symbol of Growth

Magic, Attunable, Augmentation, Prestige
Class: ALL
Race: ALL
Primary, Secondary

Size:TINYAC:47Base Dmg:55
Rec Level:105HP:1412Chromatic Dmg:6
Req Level:101Mana:1412
Stamina:15+7Fire:23HP Regen:1
Intelligence:15+10Cold:23Mana Regen:1
Wisdom:15+7Disease:23Heal Amount:16
Agility:15+7Poison:23Spell Dmg:16
Effect: Tunare Balm VII (Combat)
This augmentation fits in slot types: 11 (Crafted: Group)
Restrictions - 1H Slash, 1H Blunt or Hand to Hand Only
Item summary
 Id : 139795

 Lore : Boundless Nimble Symbol of Growth

 Type : Augmentation  (not stackable)

 Initial entry : 11/29/14 12:53 AM
 Last updated : 4/22/20 11:53 AM