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Praetor's Claws

Praetor's Claws

Magic, Lore, No Trade, Prestige
Class: MNK BST
Race: ALL
Primary, Secondary

Size:MEDIUMAC:79Base Dmg:101
Req Level:104Mana:2881
Skill:Hand to HandEndur:2939
Stamina:24+11Fire:45HP Regen:3
Intelligence:20Cold:45Mana Regen:2
Wisdom:20+9Disease:45Heal Amount:26
Agility:25+11Poison:45Spell Dmg:26
Slot 1, type 4 (Weapon: General): empty
Slot 2, type 20 (Weapon Ornamentation): empty
Effect: Strike of Flames VIII (Combat)
Item summary
 Id : 141017

 Lore : Used rarely but to great effect when close to the enemy

 Type : Hand to Hand  (not stackable)

 Initial entry : 11/4/14 1:52 PM
 Last updated : 4/20/20 11:48 AM