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Sunderock Mineral Claw

Sunderock Mineral Claw

Magic, Lore, Attunable
Class: MNK BST
Race: ALL
Primary, Secondary

Size:MEDIUMHP:65Base Dmg:19
Rec Level:68Endur:65
Req Level:61
Skill:Hand to Hand
Slot 1, type 4 (Weapon: General): empty
Slot 2, type 20 (Weapon Ornamentation): empty
Effect: Blazing Blade (Combat)
Item summary
 Id : 46477

 Lore : Created many years ago by dragons

 Type : Hand to Hand  (not stackable)

 Initial entry : 10/5/06 12:38 AM
 Last updated : 4/28/20 12:31 AM