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Recipe: Glorious Infused Knight's Greatblade
Recipe summary
 Id : 6874

 Tradeskill : Blacksmithing

 Trivial level : 514

Glorious Infused Knight's Greatblade

Tools: Item #51975
  Smithy Hammer (1)
  Sharpening Stone (1)
  Essence of Alaris (1)
  Palladium Ore (1)
  Mysterious Loam (1)
  Shiny Coal (1)
  Exotic Hilt Wrap (1)
  Glorious Large Hilt Casting Mold (1)
  Glorious Large Blade Shaped Mold (1)
  Block of Glossy Weapon Grade Ore (1)

Glorious Infused Knight's Greatblade

Magic, Attunable, Infusible
Class: PAL SHD
Race: ALL

Size:GIANTAC:50Base Dmg:135
Rec Level:95Mana:1505
Req Level:91Endur:1505
Skill:2H SlashingPurity:50
Stamina:35+1Fire:50HP Regen:3
Intelligence:35+1Cold:50Mana Regen:3
Wisdom:35+1Disease:50End Regen:2
Agility:33+2Poison:50Heal Amount:13
Dexterity:33+2Spell Dmg:13
Slot 1, type 4 (Weapon: General): empty
Slot 2, type 11 (Crafted: Group): empty
Slot 3, type 20 (Weapon Ornamentation): empty