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Spell : String Finesse I

String Finesse I

Target: Self
Range: 100.0
Resist: Magic
Casting: Instant
Duration: 3h15m (1950 ticks)
Dispellable: No
Restriction: Out of Combat

Increases the duration of string instrument based bard songs by 1 tick.

Slot 1: Increase Duration by 6s
Slot 2: Limit Max Level: 95 (lose 20% per level)
Slot 3: Limit Class: brd
Slot 4: Limit Bard Skill: Stringed Instruments
Items with this effect/focus

Name Class
Bassy Mandola of Tsepir BRD
Lute of the Gypsy Princess BRD
Spell summary
 Id : 12384